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Our Services


Ambulance service is available for emergency patients to reach hospital as rapidly as possible. When a certain condition is beyond the limits of our facilities, ambulance is also provided for transfer of patients to other hospitals safely.

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Food Service

Galaxy Hospital provides free food service to all patients admitted under it's care through its dedicated kitchen. The catering service is supervised by a catering expert and proper hygiene and cleanliness is maintained.....

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A round the clock computerized diagnostic laboratory provides support to the medical and surgical diagnosis by aiding in early and accurate diagnosis, assessing the severity of disease and monitoring the progression.....

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Galaxy Hospital prides itself in having one of the finest nursing staff available. Trained and dedicated nurses provide not only quality management but also a friendly and caring environment.

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We provide 24 hour pharmacy service with a dedicated pharmacy shop and round the clock qualified and friendly staff. Apart from medical drugs and surgical requirements, products of personal hygiene.....

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Radiology services aiding in accurate diagnosis are available 24 hours. The latest ultrasound machine in the hands of experienced radiologists assures error free diagnosis. Both conventional as well as digital X-ray .....

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Trauma and Casualty

Emergency services, managed by doctors and nurses specifically trained for working in high pressure and ensuring rapid diagnosis and management of trauma and life threatening conditions, is available round the clock.

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Wheel Chair

The Service is available to anybody who has any disability that affects their ability to walk. It will be provided by GH at no cost to the patient. These chairs can either be pushed by an attendant or self propelled by an occupant.

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Our Specialities


Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision:
To provide the highest international standards of patient care with unrelenting attention to medical excellence and patient safety. To offer unparalleled passion and commitment in assuring the best possible health for those we serve.

Our Mission:

  • Building a compelling healthcare reputation that positions the Galaxy Hospital family of professionals at the heart of patient choice.

  • Striving to be sensitive to emerging trends and the changing needs of our patient groups, ensuring that we are patient-centered.

  • Providing a pleasant environment where safe and effective delivery of services takes place.

  • Providing evidence-based clinical practice delivered in a consistent and integrated way.

  • Being the employer of choice for healthcare while ensuring all staff at Galaxy are committed to providing services in alignment with our values.

  • Pioneering new standards by continually evaluating the needs of the communities and patients we serve and adding new services and technologies to have the most effective impact on quality of care and outcomes for our patients.

  • Incorporating information technologies and service monitoring that support healthcare decision-making and maximizing quality of patient care.


    We are honest in all we say and do. We are consistent with our vision, values and mission, we adhere to our codes of ethics, and we are transparent with each other, with our patients, and with the public about our actions and practices.


    We are passionate about inspiring and creating improvement in all we do. Our ideas are valuable assets that are carefully managed and help us achieve excellence in patient care. We aspire to make important contributions to the future of healthcare world-wide.


    We believe in teamwork and honor and support each other’s roles, requests, contributions, and success. We are loyal to one another and take collective responsibility for our decisions. We look for opportunities to help each other, and to ask for help, to achieve our common vision and goals.


    We are committed to achieving our goals. We understand that plans are not outcomes and that promises are not achievements. We set demanding and quantiἀable targets and use data to measure and describe our results. We ἀnd every opportunity to produce evidence-based, optimal quality outcomes for our patients and to strengthen and grow our business.


    We are dedicated to provide the highest quality of care for our patients. We benchmark against international high performance organizations and are committed to do our best to achieve peak results. We are driven by the knowledge that our performance affects the quality and quantity of life. We believe that the only acceptable standard of our performance is excellence.

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